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By Jesslynn C.
Brooke Elementary

I am proud to be a Latina because my Latina teachers teach me new things. They are nice and the best teachers. I think people should be a Latina because probaly it can change your life like you can probaly be a music player even though you do not even play. You can go see a free movie sponsored by Latinitas. We're watching Hidden Figures on Friday March 24 at the Google Fiber center. Or you can even have a party. That is why you should be proud to be a Latina.

Here are 5 good things about being a latina:

1. They a NICE
2. They teach cool things like how to be kind to family and friends
3. They will teach us how to move or dance
4. They can teach you how to be kind
5. They will have good healthy snacks/food. For example, my family loves to eat beans and rice.

I am Latin because my mom was born in Mexico and my dads parents live in The l Salvador. I mostly eat beans and rice. We eat tortillas with the beans and rice. I drink horchata or I drink fantas. They are sodas but people in El Salvador drink fantas too. I speak English and Spanish.

Here are 3 reasons why I am proud to be a Latina:

1. I can teach people Spanish
2. I eat food from El Salvador
3. My family speaks English and Spanish

These are all the reasons I am proud to be a Latina.

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Comment by bruna arteaga on March 10, 2017 at 9:11am

 March 10:Why I am proud to be a Latina?.

I am proud to be a Latina because I am able to speak Spanish .

I can also interact and learn from other cultures.

I can try several types of  foods and cook several dishes.

I can read several books and publications

I am wide open to share experiences and take opportunities.

I can work and study everyday

I can try to set an example  and be involved in our community.

I can do exercise, dance and study other countries traditions.  




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