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We are hosting a series of self esteem and self expression at the TLC.  We asked the girls to help us celebrate the women's history month by answering some questions.

How do you make a difference in your community?

I like to draw and recycle.  – Alicia

I like to keep the community clean and I like to recycle.  - Marissa

I like to go to school, clean with my mom, play with my friends and recycle. – Rosita

I like to sing and I like to help people. – Daenna

Me gusta ayudar y colaborar con la comunidad. – Jaslyn

Yo ayudo a tirar la basura y ayudo a los malitos. – Brissia

Who is a woman that you admire?

I admire Amelia Airheart because I would like to fly across the world. – Alicia

I admire my mom because she is a strong woman and she tries hard for what she wants. – Marisaa

I admire Ruby Bridges because she helped with desegregation in all white schools. – Rosita

I admire my mom because she works hard to support me and my brothers. – Daenna

Yo admiro a Rosa Parks porque ella lucho por la eliminacion de la segregacion. – Jaslyn

Yo admiro a mi mamá porque ella es trabajadora. -Brissia

Why do you think it is important women to have equal rights?

Because now everyone can vote not only men.  – Alicia

I think men and women should have equal rights because they can get the same type of jobs and opportunities. – Marissa

I think they should have equal rights because women work hard to sustain their kids. – Daenna

Yo creo que las mujeres debemos tener los mismos derechos porque tenemos las mismas capacidades que los hombres. – Jaslyn

Yo creo que las mujeres debemos tener los mismos derechos porque el salario de los hombres es mayor a el de las mujeres aunque tengan el mismo trabajo. – Brissia

What advice would you like to share with other girls?

I would advise them to be confident and don’t give up. – Alicia

I would advise them to be strong, women can do what men do. – Marissa

I would advise them to not be sad and that it will be okay. – Rosita

I would tell them that it will get better. – Daenna

Le diria a mi prima que obedezca a su mamá. Y también le diría que es muy inteligente. - Brissia

Yo le diría que no se sienta mal por que ella me tiene ami y yo soy su amiga. - Jaslyn

Why are you proud to be a strong Latina?

I think I’m a strong latina because I’m smart. - Alicia, Marissa, & Rosita
I think I’m a strong latina because when I grow up, I am going to work hard and get a good job so I can

have a better life. - Daenna
Yo me siento orgullosa por que soy inteligente. - Brissia

Yo estoy orgullosa de ser latina por que ayudo a la gente y colaboró con los demás. -Jaslyn

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