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     I'm just going to vent. Writing has become this big issue for me. I love writing and it used to be a simple task that I was not afraid of or had to actively think about. However, I am still at alert. I want to make sure that all my writing makes sense but I also have so much to say and so many words to say it in.

     I continue to write things that don't entirely make sense or aren't as detailed. This means that some people haven't done their job right and taught me well. I'm a good writer but I could have been even better by now. So, here I am rewriting a three page paper. I have written one page in one day. I'm so confused about it. I mean I am very proud of this page because it sounds fantastic. Yet, common? Like really? I'm going to be writing that slow. I need to get on with this and write and write and write because I've got a message. I've got something to say and there is nothing that is going to stop me. I keep telling myself "Andele! You got this!" but I also keep reading all sorts of articles and giving into my facebook addiction. Writing is hard!

     My mind has a short attention span and I also keep thinking of many things. I keep thinking of things I want to do or say. I worry about the future because it seems uncertain. I think about my friends because I miss them. I think about my life as a woman. I think about the decisions I will have to make. Then, I tell myself I should think about it later but it's all jumbled.

     I tried this one exercise today where I physically move my body to say that I am in this thing and will focus but I think it didn't work. I think I should do it again... Anyways, that was me venting. Writing is hard!

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Comment by April C. Davila on July 22, 2013 at 2:29pm

Same thing happened to me when I went away to college. It's like my mind piled up or something!

Have you thought of seeing a counsler for this issue?





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