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Every day girls are being told that they are not pretty.  Every single day.  Girls are being told that they are not worth it, that they aren't good enough.  Well, I just want to say that they are wrong. You have to beleive that they are wrong, because they are. You are pretty, beautiful and smart.  And the definition of beauty doesn't just mean facial features and hourglass shapes, it means that you are strong.  You are you, and you are beautiful. 

These days it's all about what's in, what's cool, etc.  Those things may be cool to wear or do, but that doesn't define you.  You shouldn't feel like you have to fit in, beacause you don't have to belong to a group.  You are just fine by yourself.  And real friends will show you that.  Don't go after the populars or the "in" group if you know that you will have to do something to impress them.  Real friends love you for who you are.  And making friends may be hard, or you may not even make any, but there will ALWAYS be someone who loves you for you.

Many girls (and boys) are turning to self harm.  To make the words they are called hurt less.  To do what the people that tease you tell you, that you aren't worth it.  Sadly many kids are turning to suicide as well.  Those wonderful, beautiful people leave this world.  By the way, do you know what my favorite movie is? Well, it's called "Life".(not an actual film, metaphor here)  It is everyones ups and downs, with everyone playing their role.  Some people are meant to teach or learn.  There are no extras, everyone is important.  If someone commits suicide, who will play their role. There are no understudys.  So, let's say that person was meant to be the first female president, or a gold medal olympic athlete.  Who will be that person?  So, we just have to wait a long time for a different mind to play that role, but not as good as you did.

My point is, you are beautiful.  If you can't find that beauty, 'look a little closer, get a better mirror, stare a little longer', because it's there.  I really hope that everyone got my message in this blog.  I apologize if it seems all over the place, I just had to squish all of this love and sympathy in here.  Just remember, that you are beautiful and strong.  You are you.


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