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Hey chicas!! Sorry it's been so long since I posted, school has been soooo crazy I have barely had time to breathe! But I'm here now so that's definitely a plus! I'm just going to jump right into it today instead of beating around the bush. So here we go!

When I'm with friends, either out of school or in school, we often get on the topic of things our family does. My friends often will talk about their family traditions for holidays and how they will have cookouts or go camping to spend time with their family that doesn't live with them. Throughout my 17 years, I've definitely noticed how my family is different than my friends. Well, I guess that's what happens when you have Mexican blood in you. Now, considering it's Hispanic Heritage month right now, it seems like a good time to talk about things my family does that differs from my friend's.

Let's start with Christmas. It's a time for celebration. A time for family. Everyone spends time with their family for sure. Gifts are exchanged and memories are shared. But in my family, Christmas season means tamale season. Yep. My family makes tamales as soon as possible and we make a lot. Dozens and dozens of tamales are made and sold for some Christmas money. But it doesn't stop when Christmas Eve gets here, oh no. Even Christmas Eve is spent rolling and cooking tamales. And then when midnight hits, presents are opened. Christmas is my favorite time of the year....but having to make so many tamales gets pretty tiring after a while.

When my family gets together, it's not just for a simple meal. Nope. We go all out pretty much. You can almost guarentee that we will have beans and rice with pretty much every meal. And tortillas. We have those a lot too. And when we have bar-be-ques, there's sooooo much food made you would think we were feeding an army. That might not be a Mexican thing, it might just be something my family does. Let me just tell you that no amount of Taco Bell can compare to my Tia Becca's food.

And you can't forget the music. My friends and their families blast country and pop music but not our family. It's Mexican music or no music. Well, 'taco music' as my little brother calls it. (I don't know where he comes up with these things) I love listening to this music with my family. Even if we are just having a small get together, you can bet that it's blasting through the speakers in my grandpa's garage.

Also, some people have Sweet Sixteens but we have Quinceaneras. Instead of celebrating a girl turning 16, we celebrate her 15th birthday. I got to have my Quince and it was an experience that my friends found so cool because they don't get to do that. I could probably talk about my Quinceanera for hours but I'm not going to bore you guys with that.

Okay guys, there are probably a ton of other things my family does that my friends find interesting but I honestly cannot think of any more. So I will leave you guys with this. Maybe leave a comment with some traditions or things your family does that your friends find different!

Bye chicas! I'll be back soon!!!
-xxx, Dallas

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Comment by itzel barraza on October 13, 2015 at 10:10pm

I know exactly what you mean! We can't have a Christmas without tamales, and music is also a must, loud music!!

There are two particular tradition that my family does which I thought everyone did before I found out it was a pretty Mexican or Latino thing to do. My friends from the United States don't do this.

One is celebrating Christmas on December 24, Noche Buena. We make tamales this night and open gifts at 12 AM. I believe people in the U.S. do this the 25th, on Christmas day.

Another one is eating grapes at 12 AM right when the New Year hits.. I used to think every one did this but it turns out that this tradition comes from Spain and so people in the United States don't do it, unless of course they're from a Latino background like us.

Do you guys do these two things as well?




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